Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Style Guide: Tieks - The Most Comfortable Foldable Ballet Flat Ever

Tieks - have you heard of them?  They are only the most comfortable foldable ballet flats ever!  I have 6 pairs and my feet thank me every time I wear them instead of heels.  Perfect for every day wear - they transition well from meetings to date night.  Very simply - you will love them!

Take a look at the pretty spring colors to choose from!  


  1. I have a pair myself and couldn't live without them! Those color are to die for! Really makes me eager for the spring and summer months :-)

  2. I love those flats! They are so comfortable and colorful!

  3. I don't wear flats. But, if I did wear flats I would be tempted to purchase the orange pair. Something about orange that captures the attention.

  4. This is a great product to know about!

  5. I love floral prints! The flats are so cute!


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