Monday, March 23, 2015

Gift Guide: Fun Coffee Mugs & Traveler Mugs

Some fun coffee mugs and travelers for those of you who need your caffeine fix first thing in the morning!  Save 15% off select mugs & tumblers at Starbucks thru March 30th.

Here are some sites that have some coffee mugs with tons of personality:

Shop Dandy Now - my favorite is the Coffee Before Talkie


Nordstrom - my favorite is this basketball hoop mug - created by a 10 year old boy!



  1. These are so stylish! I love them...they would make great gifts for co-workers.

  2. I bought two of for myself, the other for my girlfriend.

  3. I have the starbucks tumbler! I love it! My coffee's best friend!

  4. Okay, I must confess. I have a bad bad coffee mug habit. I literally have to take two mugs out of the cupboard so I hav room every time I bring home a new mug. Love some of these selections!

  5. Having a cute mug makes your first cup of coffee all the more cheerful :)

  6. Love having a ton of coffee mugs, can't wait to order some of these!


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