Thursday, March 19, 2015

Style Guide: Pretty Easter Brunch Dresses

Pretty dresses are a must for Easter.  I remember my days as a little girl in my finest Easter dress that my talented mother made for me.  Twirling around in circles just to watch the dress flare out.  As an adult, that magic is not lost on me as I dress my children up to the nines.  

Here are some sites that I love to find Easter dresses at:

Speaking of Lilly Pulitzer - get ready for an AMAZING shopping experience at Lilly Pulitzer!  Today only - you will receive some fabulous gifts with purchase!  From the start of March 21 through the end of March 21 - you will receive the following with purchase:

Any sized purchase - you will receive a pretty clam shell keychain

$200+ purchase - you will receive a pretty Lilly Pulitzer Manicure set + gifts listed above

$600+ purchase - you will receive a Lilly Pulitzer (Set of 4) Cosmetic Case + gifts listed above

$1400+ purchase - you will receive a Lilly Pulitzer Overnight Bag + gifts listed above

A little bird told me that there is a BONUS GIFT that is not advertised - You will receive a FREE Mystery Scarf with $200+ purchase (could be any of their scarves) but hey - all their scarves start at $78!  **While supplies last**


  1. I was just thinking about what I was going to do for an Easter dress. I love these ideas.

  2. Easter doesn't have to be stuffy and this proves it! I just hope it warms up enough for some of these.

  3. These are perfect for Easter dresses that can be worn all season.

  4. These short dresses are so cute!

  5. Is there a better way to celebrate Easter than with a pretty new dress?

  6. Thanks for the Easter suggestions!


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