Monday, March 2, 2015

Style Guide: Statement Handbags for Spring 2015

I love handbags.  I'm not gonna lie about it nor make any excuses for it.  My husband thinks I have a handbag addiction.  So be it.  Enroll me in the 12 step program for handbag addiction.  Anyone care to join me?  

For spring, I'm seeing a lot of pretty bags - many with floral prints on them.  Love that feminine touch - especially with all the beautiful blooms in the gardens.  

Also seeing a lot of oversized leather satchels - I have a few that I love - especially my Gates Satchel from Gigi New York.  I also love my Parker Satchel - I use that primarily for work meetings since it can easily hold my MacBook Air as well as my iPad mini.  

Which one is your favorite handbag?  

1 comment:

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