Thursday, July 31, 2014

How to Use and Organize Your Lilly Pulitzer Agenda

How to organize your Lilly Pulitzer agenda

I love my Lilly Pulitzer agenda!  The one I have here is the jumbo size - it's perfect for me as a busy mom, business owner, and blogger.  I can easily organize everything I need to do for work as well as all the kids' activities and all of our family activities.  How do I organize it?  I love these Staedtler pens - they have a super fine 0.3mm tip and don't dry out easily.  I highlight with Sharpie's retractable markers and I love using washi tape throughout to block out dates for certain activities.  

For a detailed look at what the whole agenda looks like - I have a blog post dedicated to an overview of the agendas.  

How to organize your Lilly Pulitzer agenda

Dates worth celebrating are all written down so I don't forget.

How to organize your Lilly Pulitzer agenda
My monthly view is color coded so I can see what I need to do for who at a quick glance.  

How to organize your Lilly Pulitzer agenda

How to Organize Blog Posts Ideas
And I love the lined note pages in the back for brainstorming blog post ideas.  


  1. beautiful agenda! love how you organize it, i also use washi when an even takes more than one day

  2. Love using Lilly Pulitzer agendas!!

  3. Do the pens bleed at all through the pages?

  4. The color coded tape!!! I love it!

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