Saturday, August 2, 2014

5 Delicious Recipes for National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

Happy National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

Happy National Ice Cream Sandwich Day!  It's a tad silly but fun to look up all these celebrated days.  I mean - every single day has multiple celebrations.  Our family has a fun time deciding what to do for days that we want to "celebrate."  Like today - hot summer day - it'll be fun to make our own ice cream sandwiches.  Though I'll probably cheat and buy some yummy cookies to fill with ice cream instead of standing in front of a hot oven baking my own.  Here are some kid friendly recipes that don't require baking.

If you're so inclined to make your own cookie sandwiches - here is a wonderful pan to bake them in. Here are a few of some delicious looking recipes that I found for you.  Enjoy!  Do you have a favorite ice cream sandwich recipe?

Chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches

Chocolate creme brulee ice cream sandwiches

Ice cream sandwiches

Peppermint ice cream sandwiches

Pumpkin gingerbread ice cream sandwiches

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