Sunday, July 19, 2015

Style Guide: Top 10 Fall & Winter Boots

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It's almost boot season!  Well, not quite, but we can be prepared with this awesome sale, right?!  I bought a pair of the UGG knit boots - they are SUPER cute and comfortable with a ribbon lace back.  And the price is perfect as well - on sale for $129 - they're already sold out at several locations.  And these UGG leather boots - the braid detail on it is beautiful.  

The Frye boot is another favorite of mine - I may get it because it's 35% off but I already have 3 pairs of boots and living in San Diego, it's going to be hard to justify buying another pair of boots since I can really only wear them 3 months out of the year if I'm lucky.  

The Sperry boots are SO cute and comes in 2 colors - navy blue/brown and beige/tan - Also perfectly priced at $79 - they are almost sold out, so go get a pair if you want them!  

You also can't go wrong with Sorel boots - they're super comfortable and cute while keeping your feet warm.  I have a pair from 2 years ago when I went up to Idaho for the winter and I LOVE mine.  Seriously though - they sell out of the cute ones every single year so jump on these if you want a pair at an awesome price!  

Tory Burch - without say, these are beautiful and at 40% off - you can't go wrong with them.  Yes - a bit pricey, but if you're in the market for a pair - you know they're a steal.

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  1. Hi phyllis! Do you know if sperry boots àre still avaliable? Cant find them!! Thanks


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