Thursday, July 23, 2015

Style Guide: Giraffe Fashion & Home Decor Inspiration

Giraffes are such elegant animals - I've loved them all my life.  My parents love telling this story of me as a 2 year old, sitting in the back while they drove through this zoo.  They had bought me a bag of food so that I could feed the giraffes.  Well, I stuck all my fingers in his mouth and he maybe nibbled a bit too hard and I got scared - big time.  But I still insisted on feeding them.  Good times.  

I remember taking my daughter to the Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World - we were sitting on the tram ride and we watched a whole herd of giraffes running down a hill at top speed.  Now, you would think that the giraffes would have toppled head over heel because they're so gangly...but no, they were as graceful as ever!  We're lucky to live here in San Diego - so close to the zoo and Safari Park that we can go see them whenever we want.  

Here are some fun finds that I've rounded up for you!


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