Tuesday, January 24, 2017

All White Kitchens and Design Inspiration

Here is the kitchen that we get to design!

I've always dreamed of an all white kitchen and now it's finally within reach!  
Here are some of our design elements that we've chosen for our kitchen - classic white thermofoil cabinets - These were one of the only items in the entire house that we did not upgrade. You may wonder why - It is because we have two little boys.  We remodeled our current home before we had little ones and spent a ton of money on custom furniture grade cabinetry for our kitchen.  Well, when my big boy got to be a toddler, we realized that he's not very gentle when it comes to closing cabinet doors or drawers.  And crayons...don't even get me started.  

We did upgrade the cabinets to have soft close so they cannot be slammed, and the drawers all will have dovetail joints.  The pros of having thermofoil cabinets is that they are easily cleaned, can take a lot more abuse, and we can replace a panel, door, or drawer front if needed at Home Depot.  

We also chose a backsplash of hexagonal Carrara marble - it's absolutely gorgeous!!  And the countertop will be quartz stone in White Zeus Extreme.  We chose quartz because it is a very hard material, second only to diamond.  It's nonporous and beautiful.  It will definitely hold up to a family that uses it all the time!  Because it's nonporous, it won't stain nor can germs get into the counter itself.  There is also no sealing required which is a huge plus in my book!  It is also not cheap - I don't know the exact cost per sq. ft that we paid but it was a significant upgrade charge from the included granite slab.  And yes, I would have LOVED a huge slab of marble but I know me and I know that I have 3 kids....marble just does not lend itself well to young children....An apron sink sits in the middle of the island. We got all KitchenAid appliances but no built in refrigerator - it just wasn't a must have on my list.  

Here are some kitchens that inspired me:


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