Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Backyard Remodel - Children's Playground with Rubber Mulch

The backyard remodel is *just* about done.  All the major work is done - now it's the finishing touches that are going in - like my succulent gardens, finding the right outdoor dinnerware, and such.  
My kids absolutely LOVE their new playground!  It's a joy to have a backyard that is completely safe for 3 little kids and also waterwise for our Southern California needs.  

I especially love the rubber mulch that we had put in under and around the entire playground.  We had a 2.5" depth put in so when the kids fall off the structure, they won't hurt themselves.  Make sure that the kids are wearing shoes when playing outside because it does get hot to the touch.  

It's heavy and won't wash away in the rain (not that we get any) and it looks great next to the decomposed granite border.  You definitely need a border to hold the rubber mulch in.  Also love the fact that it's economical (lasts around 10 years), eco-friendly and it doesn't harbor bugs.  We got ours at PlaySafer.  

The playground was from Costco and the bendable border  is on sale right now for 20% off.  

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